Farley Pottery

                                 Earthen Masterpieces


Welcome to Farley Pottery!

 Our mission: to uplift others through the art of sculpting earth into beautiful and functional art forms.


In order to be used as a functional vessel, a pot goes through several stages: the clay must first be separated from surrounding earth, mixed and kneaded (wedged), shaped ever-so-carefully (thrown) into a final product, and baked (fired) in a kiln at extreme temperatures. A coating of minerals (glaze) is placed over the artform to color and seal it, and it is once more fired in the kiln.


This process is extensive, and it takes great artistry and skill to create our vessels and forms. We make each piece individually by hand, so every one is one-of-a-kind.


Our studio is located deep in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. 

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